Jack Coughlin

Title:   Owl
Date:    1970
Medium:   Original Woodcut
Image Size:   9 X 8 1/8  - inches
(height preceding width of plate-mark or image.)
Edition:   Limited edition of 250 impressions.
Publisher:   Commissioned by Associated American Artists, New York
    Note: Associated American Artists: Since its creation in the mid 1930ís the Associated American Artists commissioned original graphic art from such great masters as Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, Reginald Marsh and others. It published etchings and lithographs of no less stature during the 1960ís and 1970ís as contributing artists included Jack Levine, Chaim Koppelman, Joseph Margulies, James Kearns, Gregory Masurovsky, Jack Coughlin and Sidney Chafetz. Coughlin is known to have contributed three original prints to the A.A.A. during this time.

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